Snarky FAQs

As much as we would LOVE to have you play along with our challenges, we reserve the right to be somewhat snarky about it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to join the sisterhood:

  • Use the Inlinkz to link your project - we love comments but please don't link your project there...we might not see it
  • Link directly to a blog post that contains your project for that specific challenge, generic blog links will be deleted
  • Ensure your project is current, no backlinking to previously posted projects (how's THAT for an alliteration???)
  • more than 10 challenges per entry (including ours)
  • Include a link back to our blog on your blog post and include our graphic on your blog post
  • Enter a challenge up to THREE times as long each is in a separate post and follow the guidelines above 
  • We'd love to comment on your order for us to do so, please turn OFF word verification...if you're not sure how to do it...ask us!

Snarkily yours,