Thursday, February 20, 2014

Challenge #2 Sneak Peek

First of all the Sisterhood would like to send out a big lovin' shout out to everyone who played along with us for our very first challenge. 

Be sure to come back to the blog on Tuesday to see who wins the much coveted Queen of Snark badge for their blog, dontchya just love her??!!?? 

This week's sneak peek victim is'll have to come back on Saturday to see what her card actually looks like, but for now here's a quick looksee...

Hope you'll come back on Saturday and play along with our second challenge!! Until then...stay snarky sisters!


  1. Ooooh !!! Can't wait to see what the new Challenge is gonna' be :-D xxx

  2. Sure, make my card look better than it actually is... :P

  3. Looks awesome Lindsey!! Cant wait to see the new challenge!! :)

  4. Looks fab! Can't wait to see the next challenge! (Trying to guess but I'm stumped. LOL) xxD

  5. Looking forward to the next challenge!