Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Winner of the First Annual Spectacular September Snark Off Blog Hop

We promised to announce the winner of our first blog hop today!

Thank you for all those that participated.  Also thanks go to Rubber Dance and the designers that participated in our blog hop.

We found this nifty (and free) number generating gizmo on the interwebs to pick a number between 1 and 14.

True Random Number Generator  12Powered by RANDOM.ORG
So congratulations goes to 

Carmen M!

Please send an email to veryvibrantviolette at gmail dot com. 

To everyone that joined our blog hop with Rubber Dance, thank you so much!  We hope you enjoyed our inspiration projects. And thanks to the Rubber Dance for sponsoring us, and their talented design team for playing along!


  1. Awesome!!! Congrats Carmen!!! Thanks to everyone who hopped along with us for our first blog hop! Kudos to Sister Lee for her fab organizing skillz!!

  2. Congratulations Carmen! Thanks for all the fun Sisters x

  3. Congrats Carmen, very good job ...... and thanks to the SISTERS for all the fun we had ;)

  4. Congrats Carmen! A big thank you to everyone who made this fab hop happen!!

  5. Congratulations, Carmen!! I look forward to sending you your prize and I hope you will have a blast using all the funny stamps! :)
    Many thanks to Lee for organizing our hop and for all the designers who participated with their funny cards - and last, but not least, to all you lovely people who hopped along and left such nice comments for us! <3

  6. Cool! Congratulations Carmen!!! :)
    ~Olga Kovalchuk

  7. Congrats to Carmen, and mondo huge thanks to Sister Lee for organizing our hop! You ROCK! Big thanks to everyone who left such kind comments on our snarky hop! ((HUGS!))

  8. Thank you so much emailing you now. Super excited!!!

  9. Congrats to Carmen! Thanks to everyone who hopped, and to Sister Lee for her amazing work!

  10. WooHoo Carmen! A huge congrats. Thanks for a great hop, ladies! xxD