Saturday, August 6, 2016

SoSS #65 - I is for Inappropriate

Greetings and salutations snarky pals!

Before we get to the new challenge, we have some super exciting news to share!! 

As you know we have invited a few new sistahs to join us for guest designer stints over the past few months.

We are thrilled beyond all get out to announce that SISTER JO and SISTER PEGGY will be joining the sisterhood on a permanent basis!!!

Edna and the snarky sisters are super excited to have them on board!! Welcome to the family sistahs!! You didn't run screaming from the building, so now you are in for good!!

OK back to the business at hand and the new challenge... 

As you can see Edna has been up to no good and she has been influencing the sisters in a way most inappropriate. As you know, we don't need much encouragement.

Now it's our turn to influence YOU!

Let your inappropriate nature run free friends. No judgement here, just high fives and giggles!

Let's get this inappropriate party started with our guest designer Mimi, who was voted Queen of Snark for the B is for Booze challenge.

Here's what she created this time around (the sisters got a right giggle out of this sentiment, which apparently was contributed by Mimi's hubby!!)

Once you've stopped giggling and have wiped off your keyboard, let's check out the always inappropriate minds of the snarky sisters!

You have to check out her blog for the exciting and inappropriate conclusion!

We know you want to play along with this challenge!

Here are some deets that you need to know:

You have until 11:55 PM EDT on Friday August 19 to upload your project using the Inlinkz below.

Visit the blogs of our Guest Designer and the Sisters and leave them some crafty lovin!

Here are a few other things to keep in mind if you want to play along (Check our SNARKY FAQS for more info):
  • Link directly to your new project (no back linking please), generic links will be deleted
  • more than 10 combined challenges per entry (including ours)
  • You can enter a challenge up to three times as long as each is a separate post
Maybe YOU will be crowned Queen or Princess of Snark and win won of our awesome badges to display proudly on your blog!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am going to have SUCH fun with this one! My imagination is already working overtime.

  2. Bwaahahaha - AWESOME DT cards - this Challenge is superbly funny :-D
    Congrats to the new Sistahs :-D
    I might play along if I can come up with something relatively 'clean' that can be published bwaahahahaha

    IKE xxxxx

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  3. Hey, Sisterhood! Thank you for having me as a guest, but *damn* I could not even come close to Edna in a bathrobe sipping some wine... against a casket! You gals rock, thanks again. I'm way honored, and can't wait to settle in each evening with a little drink and peruse the entries for this one!

  4. I hop0e you ladies realise how honoured you are - I've COLOURED HAIR for you this week! I don't DO colouring hair!

    1. We are truly honoured! I avoid using people on my cards, period! :P