Tuesday, April 24, 2018

All Hail the Queen of Snark!

Here we are at another Tuesday already, and a royal proclamation about the latest Queen and Princesses of Snark for our last challenge, U is for Umbrella! Unfurling your crafty umbrellas did not seem to encourage a lot of snark, but that's okay, as we still got to feast our eyes on a dozen fantastic creations! Without further ado, let us announce our newest QUEEN OF SNARK...

Sharon, as our newly crowned Queen of Snark, we invite you to join us as guest designer for our next challenge, which begins May 5th. Please email Lindsey at jazzbayf at gmail dot com by Friday April 27th for all the details. 

And now to announce our latest princesses!

Congratulations to our newest royalty! We have your virtual crowns polished and waiting, along with your badges that you can pick up from the left sidebar. 
WOODEN you lake a shiny snarky crown to call your very own? Our current challenge, X is for Xyloid, is on now! 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you!! And congrats to Stephanie and Glenda the "Princesses" - love your creations!!