Tuesday, May 22, 2018

All Hail the Queen of Snark!

Greetings, fellow snarksters! Did any of you catch any of the latest Royal Wedding this past weekend? Well, it's Tuesday, and that means it's time for the coronation of our Queen and Princesses of Snark for our last challenge, E is for Engineering — the best way to earn a crown without finding a way to marry into the Royal Family! And here is our newest Queen:

Anesha, as our new Queen of Snark, we would like you to join us as guest designer for our next challenge, which begins Saturday, June 2nd. Please email Lindsey at jazzbayf at gmail dot com for all the details. 

And now to our Princesses:

Congratulations to our newly-crowned royalty! Is it starting to feel like you're the only one left without a crown to call your own? Well, come and join us for our current challenge, I is for Inky! The best way to catch yourself a crown without signing up for Royal Tinder! 


  1. I always knew I was royalty! Thanks for the princess moniker and badge!

  2. Feeling like a Princess today with my new title LOL. Thank you so much for choosing my entry. Hugs Mimi xxxxx

  3. Thank you so much ladies. Sorry for my late response.