Tuesday, July 3, 2018

All Hail the Queen of Snark!

Greetings and happy Tuesday! If you're in Canada or The US, you're either readjusting from a long weekend or eagerly anticipating one. I hope it was/will be splendid! But we are gathered here today to announce the latest royalty from our last challenge, Q is for Quote. Nineteen quoteworthy entries made it difficult to choose! But choose we did. Here is your queen... 

Lorraine, we are asking you to wear the crown again for another two weeks! You know what to do: email Lindsey at jazzbayf at gmail dot com for details on the next challenge. 
And now to our princesses!


Congratulations to our returning queen and our princesses, one of whom is also returning! We hope the crowns are fitting properly. And thank you to all who entered! 
Our current challenge is O is for Over the Hill - come and play along with us! 


  1. Wow, I am honored! Congrats to the queen!

  2. Thanks for choosing me to be Queen again!! I am thrilled to bits!! Congratulations to Michelle and Lisa too! Great cards! :-)
    Lols x x x