Tuesday, July 13, 2021

All Hail the Queen of Snark!

Greetings on this perhaps lucky 13th of the month! It is time to crown the new Queen and Princesses of Snark for out last challenge, W is for Watercolour.  Beautiful entries, and some with snark as well! 

Allow me to introduce you to our QUEEN of SNARK for watercolour...

A gorgeous shaving-cream-technique background and snark, too! As our newest Queen, we invite you to be a Guest Designer for our next challenge. Please email Lindsey at jazzbayf at gmail dot com by Friday July 17th for all the details!
On to our retinue of princesses: 


Congratulations to our newest royalty, and a big thank you to everyone who joined us - you help keep us snarky! 
Longing for a snarky tiara to call your own? Join us for our current challenge, X is for Xposed - who knows, you may soon be wearing your own crown! 


  1. Delighted to be a snarky princess! Thanks to all of you and congrats to my fellow royals!

  2. Wow, thrilled to be chosen as princess and big congrats to Stef and Cornelia. Snark on!

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